October 6, 2008

Love to dye? You need one of these!

Nikol Lohr of Yarn and Felt School fame and Cathy McQuitty-Dreiling have created two FANTASTIC new products for those of you who like to dye fiber with Jacquard acid dyes. There’s the Acid Dye Quick Reference, a portable swatch book featuring actual hand-dyed examples of all 40 Jacquard acid dye colors ($35) and the Acid Dye Pocket Record, a booklet containing 20 blank pages with plenty of room for color/mixing formulas, a fiber or yarn sample, plus fiber and process notes ($12). I saw the Quick References at Felt School and fell in LOVE. They are not only practical and useful, but just plain adorable.

All wool yarn samples are kettle-dyed with identical ratios and methods to give consistent examples of typical saturation and performance of each color. Each hand-assembled swatch includes color name and Jacquard number, with hand-dyed wool yarn sample mounted on strong doubled cardstock with a reinforced hole. Front and back covers are laminated, and all swatches are ring-bound for easy removal for color planning.

You can get a sense of it from the photo above, but it’s tough to express just how delightful these are. The illustrations by McQuitty-Dreiling — you can see some of them on the webpage — are great.

Coming in November from the amazing dyeing duo:

The Acid Dye Color Source Book, a comprehensive reference for tints, shades & blends using Jacquard Acid Dyes. Featuring attached wool samples of all 40 Jacquard colors with a range of tint and shade gradations for each color, along with primary color mixing samples. A fantastic tool for colorway planning, dye mixing, and general acid dye reference. An amazing must-have for any serious acid dyer.

Wow. Makes me want to switch dye brands, or get off my lazy butt and make one of these for the dye brand I usually use! Love, love, love.

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