March 3, 2011

LOVE these!

As most of you know, I am a big fan of knitting being used in the service of Art — in fact, my secret personal knitting project of the moment is more of an art piece than a commercial one. I needed a little break, and being super-sick this week gave me time to knit, something that’s more rare for me these days than I’d like to admit. So when I happened upon these “Domestic Trophies” on artist Rachel Denny’s site, I got really excited…

Years ago, I was really into creating goofy fake taxidermy (fun fur!), so much so that I was on the mailing list of companies that provide the under-mount-thingies for real taxidermy. I blame this Craftster thread from 2005. Seeing knits done this way confirms my opinion that knitting is one of the coolest 3-D art forms around. What is a cable if not a built-up section on a piece of wool sculpture?

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  • Michelle

    WHOA! Thanks for sharing! These pieces are truly incredible and beautiful! I want one!

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