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October 17, 2005

Knitty Gritty episode fun!

Here’s a lovely photo by Knitty Gritty host Vickie Howell of yours truly, plus my Knitsters Candi, Marnie and Kristi. Yes, I am barefoot. I can’t spin with shoes on, I just can’t. I also wish I’d put my hair up — I normally wear it the way Kristi has hers, but what’s the use of having finally-grown-out hair if you can’t show it off?

Marnie has posted an adorable photo of Lestat (one of the dogs who appeared on the show) sitting on my lap while my makeup was being done, and Kristi has photos, too. (Vickie’s been documenting Season 4 if you keep an eye on her Flickr account).

Marnie, Kristi and I had dinner with Jenna Adorno and Julia Trice Thursday night, who brought along her new spindle for me to check out. Julia knows, through a web of other connections, my dear friend Mati, and she (Julia) was here in Cleveland a week or two ago visiting even more mutual mutual friends.

The world is very, very small and interconnected…and getting smaller every day. I like it!

By the way: if you are looking for a last-minute Halloween costume (but not so last-minute that you can’t knit it in time), might I recommend Vickie’s book New Knits On The Block, particularly the mermaid costume? Of course, you’ll have to size it up a little, but it’s adorable. You could also start knitting for next year, if you’re a super-advance planning person.

p.s. Amy, you don’t even know how sad I am to have missed Rhinebeck this year! You, and Kim and Emma and Steph AND sheep? Sigh. We’ll do it next year, ok?

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