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October 18, 2002

Knitting mystery

Why do I think if I go to Lucy’s without my purse, I won’t end up buying anything? Today it was Dogs in Knits: 17 Projects for Our Best Friends. Anezka wanted it. She told me so. Dachshund party sweaters ahoy!

Oh, and in the new issue of Spin Off, there’s a recipe for making red dye out of avocado pits / skin! I’m going to make it, if only because we always have a ton of avocados at my house. I make a killer avocado salsa that’s in demand whenever there’s a party. I once watched attendees at a gallery opening in Ogunquit, Maine guard the bowl so no one else could eat it when they weren’t looking (my aunt was in the show and all the artists had brought snacky things for the occasion). And because I’m a sweethearted sort, I will share it with you now…

Molly & Debbie’s Avocado Salsa

2 avocados
1 small can black beans
1 can (or half a small bag of frozen) corn
Limes to taste

These proportions can be doubled, tripled, etc. Peel the avocado and chop it into tiny bits about the size of the corn/beans. Pour the (drained) beans and corn into a bowl. You’re aiming for roughly equal amounts of each, but more avocado is definitely ok. Squeeze fresh limes over to your taste — I like a lot, and even will zest one or all the limes for extra lime flavor. Salt, pepper and cayenne all optional, but good. Best served on those Touch of Lime-flavored Tostitos!

There. Now you can all cause outrageous behavior among civilized people at gallery openings and other fun events.

(Molly & Debbie are best friends. Molly and I lived together in Austria for 3 months and I go back to see her whenever I can — they both still live in Athens, Ohio, where we all went to school. Debbie taught me this the last time I visited Molly! What a great trip. Molly’s husband Kevin is a chef, and we went morel-hunting in the woods with their daughter Charlotte. Insanely fun…)

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