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May 29, 2007

Knitting Book Title Idol

First, the backstory: I was approached to write a camping-friendly knitting book by the book division of the Mountaineers, thanks to the recommendation of our favorite CRAFT diva, Natalie Zee Drieu. This book had been the pet project of an editor who left the publisher before it got off the ground, and they selected one of the titles below. I chose the other. (One makes reference to a classic camping book, FYI). I was telling the Harlot about the titles and she had a definite opinion one way, as did Annie Modesitt and just about every other person who’s heard them.

But that’s not what matters here at Knitting Book Title Idol. Like American Idol, you, the people (the knitters?) should have a vote! I’m not saying the publisher will listen either way, but I’d love to hear what you think, since I’m a notoriously bad titler.

For example: one title suggestion for Felt Frenzy — from a Harvard English major friend, no less — was Felt Up. Needless to say, that got voted down. (And speaking of Felt Frenzy, Amazon finally has it in stock after weeks and weeks of lying about its availability!)

So, let’s vote:

What should I title my next book?
How To Knit In The Woods
Does A Bear Knit In The Woods?
Neither, they’re both dumb

If you want to have some fun with this, cut-and-paste the below into your website with an explanation or a link back to this post (beware of extra spaces)

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  • Post authorShannon

    Things to know — after you vote it goes to a blank white page. It has recorded the vote, though. I doublechecked it… 🙂

    Reply to Shannon
  • Jen

    Hey shannon!

    I emailed u not that long ago.. thanking u for the kick ass knitgrrl books n stuff. Anyways! I wanted to tell u that both the new titles do suck…sorry! dont wanna sound rude about it. But I have a nifty nerdy tree huggin suggestion! 😉

    how about: “Knitting In Nature”

    just a suggestion… I asked a few friends online and they agreed it sounds catchy! If u like it and end up using it, I could use some royalties! **short on cash** *LOL!*

    that’s all for now! Keep on rockin girlie!

    Much luv n peace,
    Jen 🙂

  • Felicia

    I don’t know if my vote went through but I definitely vote for How to knit in the woods. What a great title!

    Reply to Felicia
  • Andrea (noricum)

    I feel like suggesting something else… something like “if a person knits in the forest, does her stash make a sound?” 😉

    Reply to Andrea (noricum)
  • Drusilla

    I like “Knitting in Nature”.

    Reply to Drusilla
  • DeltaDawn

    Oh PUH-LEASE name it “If a Bear Knits in the Woods.” PLEASE? I’d buy it in a heartbeat. You should know that one of my late father’s favorite sayings was a bastardization of the same, and now I use it too – not sure if I’ll get in major trouble for typing it….

    Reply to DeltaDawn

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