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August 28, 2002

Knitting as Therapy / Secret Project is Done!

A-ha! Even the non-knitting world is noticing the stress-reducing effects of our lovely 3-D artform. At this amusing site I discovered via a friend, he notes:

ANYWAY. Help is at hand! I just logged on to kitchentable to see that it all looked right, and the advert at the top claimed:

Knitter’s Review

Can you hear me clicking?

The Secret Project is complete, incidentally, and blocked. I even have photos of it. Unfortunately, I cannot post them until the recipient receives it, which is going to take a bit. But oh, is it beautiful! Just gorgeous. If you want to see a sneak preview, email me.

I am off to Chicago this weekend to be in a wedding. Anyone have knitting store suggestions / other fiber artsy places to visit? I will be in the NW suburbs, in Elgin.

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