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March 12, 2006

Knitter's rage?

Amy Sedaris, hilarious sister of David Sedaris and expert maker of both cheeseballs and cupcakes, has an advice column in Believer magazine. A recent query went as follows: “A knitting pattern gave me bad instructions and I don’t know what to do with my rage. Any suggestions?”
She advised:

This sounds to me like Knitter’s Rage. Not to be confused with aggressive knitting. You should take this test:

  1. Do I feel I need to “get back” at other knitters for wronging me?
  2. Do I get angry with knitters who knit faster than I do?
  3. Do I find myself yelling at other knitters whether they can hear me or not?
  4. Do I cut off other knitters when driving?
  5. While knitting, do I often think, “Hey, these heavy steel needles would look great sticking out of that guy’s skull?”

Admittedly, sometimes I get knitter’s rage…usually when I’m working on a new design and I have to redo something five times to get it right!

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  • kristi

    My knitting geek response: does this mean Amy Sedaris knits? She’s one of us?

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