June 25, 2009

Knitgrrl Studio shop

Right now I have what could charitably be called a summer “plague” instead of cold, and so late at night, when it’s too hot to sleep and my face feels like it’s going to fall off, what do I do?

Build the new studio’s online shop, that’s what.

I am now even more sleep-deficient than before, but it’s a start, eh? FYI, if you’re in the market for a Louet spinning wheel, the Julia and Victoria models come with a $200 coupon for free fiber til the end of July. I have a Victoria and I put together the last Julia one of my students ordered, they are FABULOUS wheels (I almost didn’t want to call her and tell her it was ready). You can’t go wrong with $200 in bonus fiber, can you?

Of course, I can get any of the other Louets as well, equipment, fiber, you name it. The shop’s just not fully stocked yet on that end, let alone inventoried for other things I have on hand. But not bad for a sleepless night, eh?

What I wouldn’t do for it to be 40 degrees out and for me to not be sick. It’s a cruel joke, being sick in the summer. I think I’ve been running a fever AND it’s a million degrees outside, too.

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  • Amy

    It’s 48 here today, you’re welcome to come visit! 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon.



  • Joanne

    Oy, that sounds awful, feel better soon! We are also having the very hottest, humidest weather. Yuck. It is such a joy to pack every day in this heat… 🙂 Anyhow, the wheels + fiber sound fabulous. too bad I already have 5 wheels and way more fiber than one person should!

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  • fani

    Here in Canada, we haven’t gotten any heat yet.Even tough rain has been pouring! if you have an air vent in your room try putting your feet facig it and keep the window open.You w’ont feel it coming in till late at night were you’ll be crying for heat!
    Bye. by the way were is it that i can ask the author questions

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