April 30, 2006

Knitgrrl 2 review in Yarn Market News

Here’s the latest Knitgrrl 2 review, from Yarn Market News, which is a trade magazine for people in the yarn-related industries… everyone from designers to yarn companies to equipment manufacturers.

(You can subscribe to Yarn Market News on their website).

I wrote an article for the next issue of YMN, due out just in time for TNNA Indianapolis in June. Speaking of, I’m really sorry I put off registering for the show so long — there are a lot of classes I wanted to take that were already full, but I am taking a button-related class with Lily Chin that promises to be excellent. I can do a decent buttonhole, but I bet Lily can do a better one, so sign me up!

This weekend I worked on Forecast (knitting, frogging and re-knitting the same section about 5 times until I was happy with my cable and stitch choices) and started to sketch ideas for the book-after-the-book-after-next. This much super-advance-planning is necessary, since I’m going to have to chart out a lot of stuff before I get anywhere near swatching for it.

I also did some photo-collage-sketching for the next book, since I hate the way I sketch with pencil or pen. Although they’re good enough for my own “internal” use, I don’t like showing them to other people. So I Photoshop, collage and do most of it electronically. It works for me.

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