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May 16, 2005

Kittens like handknit sweaters

(Judging from mine, anyway). Last week, he was sleeping in the stack of sweaters I had on my “photo studio,” aka dining room table, and I just couldn’t bear to move him.

Yesterday’s experiment with cake dye on wool came out really well, judging from the dripping-wet fiber drying in my backyard. Very clear colors, much darker than your typical Kool-Aid dye job (and from a pricing perspective, probably somewhat cheaper) Not to mention easier to do special effects like the Jackson Pollock-y color drips I like to do). Photos soon!

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  • Joelene

    Oh, I can’t to see the dyed yarn. I have been thinking about using cake dyed instead of Kool aid… I swear last time it cost almost 20 bucks… but the housedid smell good.

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