October 1, 2006

Jenna is a serious interviewer

First stop on the blog tour: Girl from Auntie, aka everyone’s favorite intellectual property lawyer / knit designer Jenna Wilson.

You really should skip ahead to the last question because she actually pushed it across the table to me, in print, complete with diagrams, as she asked it. I wish I had a photo of the look on my face at that moment, I really do.

(You must also understand that Jenna was a physics major as an undergrad, whereas I avoid math like the plague unless absolutely necessary, so I was at an major disadvantage. Then it started raining — the inkjet-printed paper and my bottom whorl-non-usingness saved the day!)

Thanks, Jenna, for such an amusing (and lovingly transcribed) interview — and thanks to my Greek chorus at the Bellevue, too!

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