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May 4, 2009


New pattern on the needles — meet Jasper. (Here’s my project page at Ravelry). I have such a hard time knitting anything that my boyfriend would actually like. You should see his winter shirt collection: black, grey, black, grey… I got him to buy a brown one this year, it was a small miracle, but he barely wore it.

So, working within the confines of my upcoming CSA Farm Fresh Knits booklet, I devised a pattern that looks good, is a simple, fun knit, and fits within his color palette. The yarn is Cascade Eco Wool in shade 8095, which technically is a “sheep black,” a superfantastically dark brown.

Now with more added gorilla goodness!

That’s underway, and Andi is helping out on a luscious Alchemy Yarns piece for a forthcoming book. I even bought special needles for it, since Gina’s yarn deserves the very best. I may have found another local knit-helper from the Sunday afternoon sock club at River Colors, which is good because my hands are pretty full right now, and I have at least two patterns that are waiting for one or two things in order to be published.

In case you were wondering if you should order needles from Grafton Fibers, the answer is yes, yes, yes. Andi and I both gasped when we took them out of the package, they’re lovelyamazingdotcom. Supporting genuine small companies is something I heartily espouse.

Now blooming: my “black” tulips. Sometimes they really do look black, even though they’re actually a deep purple. Andi sent a black hollyhock home with me the other day, too. I like combining “black” and dark purple plants with bright chartreuse green ones in our yard. What’s your favorite color combo in gardening?

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  • Sally Villarreal

    The center of the tulips looks like outer space with a bunch of sparkly stars. Beautiful!

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  • Anne

    I love the black tulips, too! (see some of mine here )

    I’m currently plotting the redo of our entire front yard – we smothered the whole lawn last summer and now I’m getting ready to plant ornamental perennials and I’m going with a black/purple/white/silver color scheme. We’ll see how it goes!

    Reply to Anne
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