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October 6, 2002

Icelandic Lopi

Yesterday I made a major score on Icelandic Lopi in beautiful shades of oatmeal, taupe and subdued sky blue — $1 per 110 yd skein (50 cents if it didn’t have a label). Viva Istex, baby!

More on Lopi and Icelandic knitting in general can be read in this article. The staff at XRX also wrote a book called The Best of Lopi, which looks promising, pattern-wise.

Add Iceland to the list of Knitting-Inspired Places I Want To Visit. Funny, since I’ve wanted to go there for at least 12 years… long before I began to knit. It was a combination of being a huge Sugarcubes / Björk fan and having an exchange student friend from Reykjavik. Watch the karmic puzzle pieces click into place! The ideal Iceland trip would incorporate the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, lots of smorgasbords / aquavit, soaking in the hot springs at the Blue Lagoon and riding Icelandic horses. Oh, and knitting, of course.

That’s it. I’m entering the Win A Trip To Iceland contest on IcelandNaturally. Keep your fingers and knitting needles crossed for me.

Meanwhile, anyone have a good cardigan pattern which works well with lopi?

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