March 30, 2011

I resisted. (For a little while, anyway).

I think I deserve a little credit for resisting these boots and this belt on my recent trip to Austin, don’t you? I mean, COME ON. Turquoise leopard print? My enormous feet often rescue me from my deep love of shoes. However, I did score brand new Fluevogs for $19 on their website this weekend, even without proper internet access. Imagine a frantic series of texts to my boyfriend which impresses upon him the absolute necessity he drop what he’s doing right now and order me a kicky pair of these. Uh-huh.

And here’s the belt I almost bought — the revolver actually spins!

However, my restraint did not save me from the vintage belt buckles at uncommon OBJECTS, one of which has a faux scrimshaw moose on it. So now I’m looking for someone who is really good at leather tooling to make me a custom belt to go with it, Maine-themed, with pinecones and delightful swirly bits. Anyone know a really talented leatherworker?
Speaking of Maine — there are still spots left in my autumn island retreat. And since I was just in Maine this weekend, I’m fairly confident when I say it is going to be amazing. I am constantly astounded at how beautiful that entire state is… see? This is on the coast near York on Monday as we were going to lunch:

Next week: I’m fairly certain there are also spots left in my April Brooklyn General classhere’s the direct link.
While my aunt’s drawing group in session on Sunday, I was knitting. Imperial Stock Ranch Sock in Thistle. I look like such a slacker in comparison (all those watercolors are hers)!

The reason I was in New England this weekend was business-related (and that went beautifully as well), but it’s always fun to see family and friends while you’re on a work-related trip. I feel so recharged after I go to Maine or Massachusetts, they’re my “happy places.”
What’s the thistle-colored knit, you ask? I’m still working it out in my head and onto the needles…patience, grasshoppers.

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  • Margaret

    I am so envious that you got to go to Uncommon Objects!!!! Did you bring me back any magic?

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