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April 15, 2005

I can survive without sleep til fall, right?

In the spirit of this fine shirt from the Knitty webshop, I have an announcement to make. Hurrah! I am writing a beginner’s spinning book for Interweave Press. The i’s and t’s on the contract have been dotted and crossed, and the deadline is sooner than I’d like to contemplate, but — hurrah! Who’s complaining? I couldn’t be happier.

And so, an open invitation: do you spin?

(I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again — I am not looking for Perfect, Martha Stewart-ish Type A spinners who make stuff that might as well be millspun, it’s so good — I am looking for spinners of ALL levels!) Want to have your yarn featured in the book / spin something for it / help out with the knitting? Get in touch… email me at admin@knitgrrl.com! I’ll consider killer outside patterns that meet the following criteria:

  • uses all handspun or a combination of hand- and millspun to good effect
  • maximizes use of the handspun
  • is a good launching point for using your own handspun, if your yarn isn’t exactly like the one used

Oh happy day! And you thought Tax Day was a bad thing…

Also, I’ll be traveling cross country this summer interviewing spinners and taking photos for the book if you’d like to be considered for that, let me know!

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  • Diane Hovey

    I spin as I have my own spinners flock and I knit all the time. I would also be interested in spinning something and possibly helping with the knitting on this book project. Sounds fun. Diane

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