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February 21, 2008

I can has Monkey!

Andi’s been knitting me a pair of Monkey socks. Last weekend, a customer came in with a Noro bag she’s been doing in the same colorway as the Noro sockweight yarn Andi’s using for the socks. Photo op!

Today I learned the socks are all done — they’re just taking a little bath in some Soak to see if the yarn blooms at all. So exciting.

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  • Daniella

    Oooh! I have got to get some of that Noro sock yarn. It’s so pretty!

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  • kerrie

    what colourway is that, they look lovely?

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  • Post authorShannon

    I just ran next door to check — it’s S95 in the Noro sock yarn, and 95 in regular Kureyon.

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  • andi

    can I see a piccy of the monkeys with the monkey? wheeeeeee

    Reply to andi
  • Erin

    Ask and ye shall receive! I love that colorway.


    Reply to Erin

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