September 20, 2010

Hello, Keene, New Hampshire!

I noticed that the Kids Knitting program at the Keene Public Library in New Hampshire is recommending the Knitgrrl books — cool. (I love librarians).
Other excitement: the preorder page for Silk Road Socks is going up at Cooperative Press soon. I had a really difficult time finding fonts for the book that fit the overall theme but weren’t too weird or illegible. It’s a work in progress. As am I: I’ve been really getting into a groove with this new (exhausting) exercise routine. Hardcore weights with a trainer, treadmill stuff with friends working my way up on a couch-to-5K regimen, and even more on top of that. The older I get, and the more friends I have with medical problems, the more it scares me…this year has gone above and beyond with the scary medical stuff among my friends and family. Ok, universe, I heard you. Sheesh. Stop killing and incapacitating my loved ones. Message received loud and clear. Now STOP!
(Speaking of the treadmill, anyone out there also using Nike+? We were thinking of putting up a 300-mile challenge on the Nike+ site that would equate to the distance between Maryland and Rhinebeck, because knitters are nothing if not geeky, and it would be fun).
One more bit of news: I’ll soon be announcing details for an AMAZING retreat next year on an island off the coast of Maine with me. If you’ve ever said to yourself “I would like to hide out on an island for almost an entire week and knit and look at the ocean and stuff”, you will be very pleased. This is definitely holiday-wish-list worthy / start the vacation fund now, I promise.

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  • Alexandra

    Why yes, I would like to hide and knit and look at the ocean!

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  • Isabelle

    Hum a knitting retreat in Maine? Interesting! 🙂

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  • mari

    Shannon, yes I have used the Nike+ for running. I started trying to get off my own bumm earlier this year and the Texas heat knocked me down this summer. Well that and a knot in my left achilles tendon that I need to get dealt with. But I liked the Nike+ program. I was able to use the little gadget in my adidas shoes and didn’t have to buy nike specific ones, made me very happy.
    Maine…if its warm, for a week…count me in!

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  • tinebeest

    Well done on the exercise! I find a bit of it in the morning gives me a much better start to the day. Nothing like some endorphines before breakfast 🙂
    I used to run with Nike+ all the time, but after 2 sensors running out of battery (after many miles), I figured out that mapmyrun.com is more accurate, and I generally know how fast (sorry, I mean slow) I run in a given time. I keep an online log (at fetcheveryone.com) and still am chasing the goal of 1000miles in one year. Must stop getting injured…

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  • Audrey

    It’s so exciting to see your book receive warm and well-deserved recognition!
    And sign me up for that retreat NOW. Maine? An island? Knitting? Heaven!

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  • hunter

    I might just happen to be privy to some of the details of that Maine class, and I can hereby officially vouch for the deep and inherent awesomeness of the plan.

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  • mary jane

    Summer in Maine…can’t beat it!

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