January 20, 2009

Happy inauguration day!

What a Tuesday, eh?

Flew back from TNNA with no major mishaps, save a really gross sandwich purchased at the San Diego airport, but I made up for that by grabbing some Vosges chocolate for my boyfriend at O’Hare. (Note: their candy bars, particularly the Naga bar and the Barcelona, are spectacular. Also bought him a pig-shaped chocolate with bacon in it…)

Rivulet! Annette is doing a spectacular version of my pattern with seed stitch neck- and buttonbands. You can see it in progress here. Now I want to knit another one…which I can’t, because I am already knitting a second Exploded View to show that it’s just as good in non-chunky yarn:

Scraps of Noro Kureyon, lots of Noro Silk Garden, and Cascade, for the most part. It’s getting there. For more info on the colorways (don’t quote me exactly on the Cascade #s, but the Noro Silk Garden is definitely #241), see its Ravelry project page. It’s amazing how many wee balls of 20-yards-or-less Kureyon I had floating around in the right colors. Yay for stash!

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