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August 28, 2005

Goodbye, Crystal

Crystal Canning of Copper Moose died unexpectedly this week in a horse-riding accident. So sad. The photo above was taken this summer in her East Burke, Vermont backyard…she was going to make an appearance in my Interweave Press spinning book as a featured spinner, and barring any legal problems, she still will. (Her husband, Bill, wants her in the book — Copper Moose will continue, too, in case you were wondering).

We spent a really lovely afternoon together: in that photo, she is laughing about being a “spinner supermodel.” What’s extra-funny is that she actually did model for a while: discovered while buying makeup at Saks (she was a stockbroker at the time), her first reaction to the model scout was “Yeah, right.” But she shot some campaigns for major fashion houses in the 80s, among them Chanel. My favorite story was one she told of an overly “grabby” French photographer who kept trying to “adjust” her top. So she walked off the set in the $20,000 couture suit she was modeling, and went to get a hot dog.

Hey, why not?

Crystal had an aversion to email (Bill did all the typing), but loved to talk on the phone. We swapped broken-bone stories during our first marathon phone call — she’d been in a horrific car accident only a year earlier, which makes this accident all the more sad. One of the first things we did after meeting in person was show off our respective scars! I truly regret not meeting her earlier: she was a lovely person and a fiber enabler par excellence. She will be missed.

update: the local paper has posted her obituary.

update: If you’d like to contribute to the SOAR scholarship fund in her honor, click here! And don’t forget, Copper Moose is still going strong, so click to shop there.

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  • Tanya

    I too was saddened by this news on Friday. While I never met Crystal, I thought very highly of their company and loved doing business with them. It sounds like she was quite a wonderful person.


    Reply to Tanya
  • michele

    Oh my gosh…how very very sad. She seems like she was a very vibrant person who touched many lives. I’ll send prayers and good thoughts. Take care…

    Reply to michele
  • Mike

    I always enjoyed hearing from Crystal when she would call to place orders. I will miss hearing her voice and the conversations. Mike BI WA

    Reply to Mike
  • Bill

    My niece found this page and forwarded it to my sister. I’m not sure if I remember that story, but things are a little fuzzy. Thank you for the wonderful picture and memory.

    Reply to Bill
  • lynn

    How unfortunate! I remember how incredibly helpful she was and fun to talk to when placing orders. My thoughts are with all whose lives she touched, especially Bill and their son.

    Reply to lynn
  • Michelle

    I was sadden by the tragic loss and my heart goes out to her family & friends. We never met but have spokeniwth a few times online and great doing business with. God Bless!

    Reply to Michelle
  • Pam B.

    My heart goes out to this family. I was shocked to hear such sad news. As a fellow e-bayer, spinner and knitter I felt as though I knew this family through purchases and contact we had. God Bless this family and may beautiful Crystal live on in the hearts all who loved her. PSB

    Reply to Pam B.
  • Virginia S. Accurso

    I have never met Crystal Canning of Copper Moose. I only just placed an order for some wool to do some spinning, when I heard of a death in the family. I am so sorry to hear about this. My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.

    Reply to Virginia S. Accurso
  • mykola

    We are really sorry, it is always difficult to find right words. I am sure people will remember her as beautiful women.

    Reply to mykola
  • John

    Intelligent, optimistic and always smiling. May her family find comfort in knowing the joy they provided her. Rest in peace, Crystal.

    Reply to John
  • Helen

    What a terrible loss for Bill, Billy and Crystal’s mother. I hope they find some small comfort in knowing that Crystal (obviously) was loved and admired by many people. Since I use e-mail to place orders, I have dealt with Bill, and didn’t have direct contact with Crystal. I felt that I was watching the Copper Moose family through the wonderful pictures on the website, however, and also through seeing Crystal’s spinning samples in Spinoff. She was obviously a very special person, who touched many lives.

    Reply to Helen
  • Brian

    Beyond words. Heart felt and tears.

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  • Mary Lou

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I have ordered wool from you and I’ll always think of Crystal when I wear the scarves I spun from it.

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  • Marie de la Chaume

    From France, starting spinning, I read this, and I cannot help myself from sharing your sorrow. From the picture, I think I would have liked her.

    I am sure, from heaven where she is now, she is watching all her friends (those who write here and those who do not) and helping anyone who needs it. thaughts are of great help when time comes by. So I give mine, for her, for all of you!


    Reply to Marie de la Chaume

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