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July 15, 2009

Get $200 in free fiber!

I feel I should point out that there is a $200 free fiber promotion on the Louet Victoria and Julia wheels I sell in my shop, and it ends 31 July! See Knitgrrl Studio’s spinning equipment section for details.

Also, if you’re not already a Knitgrrl Studio fan on Facebook, you might have missed some of the photos I posted tonight from our launch party last weekend. I took far fewer photos than I thought, guess I was too busy talking to everyone and having fun!

Also, if you’re local (or even if you’re not!), we’ve got 10 print copies of Ysolda Teague’s Whimsical Little Knits in stock.

Metis is clicking along, I’ve got the top and sleeves knit — did the sleeves first since you know those are my own personal bugaboo — and now it’s on to the body. I’ve torn out this one inch and reworked it about 5 times now, and at about 200 sts per row x 5, that’s about 5000 stitches knit and reknit and tinked and reknit again! But now it’s on the right track, so I won’t be tearing my hair out after all.

And finally, if anyone would like to be a critic, reload the front page of the Knitgrrl Studio site a few times and watch the upper right corner — do the rotating images catch your eye without being too annoying or “sales-y”? I’m still in the tinkering-with-everything phase at this point and would love additional opinions on how I could make it better and more useful. Thanks.

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  • Chppie

    Like the site. Wish I could visit the new studio. I thought the photos were clever at the top but oddly enough what distracted me was the fact that the frames were all different. I guess that’s fine if it will always be a single shot page, but if you ever do a slide show it will be distracting. Also I liked the field shot but found myself squinting to see the details. Enjoy your new space.

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  • Sarah

    I think the pictures look fine. I like them, because I am not very familiar with the designers and lines, so I am happy to see them without knowing which to look at. If you sit there and renew the page repeatedly, it is a bit much, but why would anyone do that if they were just visiting the site?

    I wish I could visit the studio too.

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  • Amanda Williams

    The rotating pictures are great. I expect some advertising, and this is appropriate and low key. Not mention pretty to look at.

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  • Lori in MI

    the pics look good – much like a shop window, if you will…
    go with it! Hope to do a road trip soon to check out the place!

    Lori Thayer
    metro Detroit

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  • hunter

    The pictures are lovely and crisp, but my only concern is that they are fairly large. They take up a substantial part of the screen real estate, so much so that they seem to interfere with the rest of the content. That’s just my opinion of course, and they are very good pictures.

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