November 18, 2006

Felt Frenzy is available for preorder

Check it out (click the link to go to its Amazon page)! I’m really excited about this book. I love working with Interweave — their art director sent me an email a week or two ago saying that she’d had lots of fun working with the images we sent her. That makes me even more anxious to see the end product… I just know it’s going to be lovely.

This afternoon, after teaching my knit embellishments class, I stopped over at the show’s knitting/crochet corner and ended up teaching 5-6 young kids and a guy how to knit.

(And crochet, for that matter — Kim, do I get my crochet angel wings now?)

While I was doing that, a photographer came over and took about a million photos. Wonder who he works for? Guess I’ll keep an eye on the Kansas City Star‘s website… if any of you who live in greater KC spot me in the paper, clip it out & you’ll be suitably rewarded. Thanks!

Of course, he was the kind of photographer I don’t mind being captured by… in Updateville, multiple vendors at multiple shows report being harassed by the afore-linked jerk. I will supply his photo to anyone who asks — the Handmade Arcade organizers already have.

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  • Kim

    Consider yourself winged. Fun!

  • natasha

    i didn’t know anything about htis book and am really really behind on the blog reading….i just actually pulled out spin to knit from my show stuff and i looooove it! i wish i had this book when i was just learning to spin! i know i am biased, but it really is a lovely book.

    love you dearly!

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