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September 10, 2008

Fall Knitty is up!

And a brilliant issue it is — first of all, they’ve made everything printer-friendly! Wow. Knowing how much work that must have taken…I am in awe. And the patterns… the patterns. YUM! My top three:

1. Twist + Shout
2. Camden
3. Versatility

So figure-flattering on everyone, the Twist + Shout! So three, three, three outfits in one, the Versatility. I am in love. Where will I find the time to knit them all? Especially with the new skeins of yarn I dyed for an upcoming article in knit.1 staring me in the face shouting: “We will be a Fair Isle sweater! Yes! We will!”

(If you saw them, you would understand).

Also, did you hear the news? Cast-On has officially hit the 1 million mark in downloads! And Knitty is 6! Knitgrrl is only a few months older than Knitty, dating back to June 2002. What’s the first knitting website or blog you remember reading? For me, I think it was Dangerous Chunky, possibly Jenna, who’s been knitblogging since 2001.

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