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November 7, 2008

Fair Isle heaven

One of the best things about taking on the Yarn Forward editorship is meeting lots and lots (and lots!) of designers I didn’t know before. Liz Lovick, who lives on Orkney, does the most fantastic colorwork.

And you, lucky reader, can buy a copy of her PDF book A Fair Isle Workshop in her Etsy shop. Just got my copy and it is stunning. You cannot believe the amount of information and photos she has managed to cram into 124 pages, including things you won’t find anywhere else, such as photos of vintage knitting from Shetland, Fair Isle, etc as well as detailed how-tos on speeding up your knitting, steeking, etc. LOVE this book, and highly recommend it.

Fun coincidence: shortly after I started speaking with Liz about current projects for the magazine, the History Channel aired a special on Skara Brae, the Neolithic settlement on Orkney. I am reserving the right to visit Skara Brae and be a big history geek when I go over to the UK office next year.

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  • Freyalyn

    Skara Brae is fantastic – and the cafe there in the visitor centre is also extremely good. There is the most amazing amount of archaeology just on Mainland, never mind the other Orkney islands – if you’re doing Skara you must do Maeshowe (which has to be booked).

    We always plan lunch there when we up in the far North. And Liz is such a sweetie, and so knowledgeable…

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