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February 3, 2011

Design your own Fair Isle site?

Has anyone tried this yet? It looks, to me, like the equivalent of a web-based Knit Visualizer, but more expensive in the long run. When I first saw the link posted, I thought oooooh, it would be somewhere you could upload your own chart designs and then they’d knit them for you. Now that I would pay for! Someone on a small Scottish island with lots of knitting time — get on creating that. Guess not, though.
I hate websites that make you choose a billing option immediately even when there’s a free trial involved; inevitably I forget to cancel on time and then I’m out money I didn’t want to spend, so I’m not planning to log on. But if any of you less forgetful types do, let me know what you think.

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  • Roxanne

    I saw that and thought it was fantastic but I prefer to pay a one-time fee for these things then if you want to, charge me for the upgrades, otherwise why pay for something forever? I’d have to see new software yearly to justify it and even then, an upgrade probably doesn’t cost $100/year.

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  • Amy

    I’m with Roxanne. I don’t like the idea of it being subscription based. Nor do I like the idea of my designs being in their data base. What happens if I don’t want to continue? Do I lose my designs? Also, for $100 a year I would rather buy and own the software. I won’t be trying it out either.

  • Loretta Banta

    I must apologize for my initial pricing. I was so wrapped up in getting the website live that I didn’t take time to think out my pricing. You can now get a lifetime membership for $20, during our introductory offer.

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