May 14, 2006

Debbie Stoller interview on YouTube

Worth it for the West Side Story-esque knitters vs. crocheters opening alone:

Michigan was a blast despite the rain…plus who can say no to a trip to the LYS known as Jillian’s basement? She introduced me to some yarns I’ve never met before (and now want copious amounts of, naturally). I also got to test drive her WooLee Winder and it’s fantastico!

Photos to follow when I get caught up and track down my camera card reader in the nightmarish tangle of yarn known as my studio…

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  • Kim

    That’s our Cecily in there, yo!

  • Post authorShannon

    Wow! that’ll show you how tired I was…I’ll have to watch it again!

    Reply to Shannon
  • cecily

    Yes. I take credit for being a consultant on this and for performing in it. The longer version of the short is sooo much better. The company wanted that short clip though. Bummer.

    My neighbor was the director for the film and I had a ball working with him. It was fun to try to explain the ends and outs of crochet and knit cultures to him.

    And they made us wear those t-shirts. But hey, it’s always nice to be a consultant even if they don’t really listen to your suggestions.

    Reply to cecily

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