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September 23, 2007

Currently craving…

Christel Seyfarth’s Fuglejakke kit, but only if it was in a color scheme akin to her sweater-coat seen here. Which, by the way, I am also having unnaturally strong feelings about.

Admittedly, I look at that much flat stockinette and think: “Time to get that knitting machine of mine working…” but you just know it would be worth it once the finished object was in your hands.

So, yesterday was a photoshoot for my upcoming book. Many, many thanks to my patient models, photographer and hosts, one of whom (Stitch Cleveland partner Megan) had to leave early to fly to NYC for this very big deal. We had a great — though exhausting — day shooting pretty pictures for you to enjoy with the new patterns.

Speaking of all-round fantasticosity (which may or may not have been a word before this week, when she pretty much single-handedly invented it), Andi of Knit Brit totally saved what was left of my sanity midweek. Thanks, Andi. Without her, my brain probably would have exploded pre-photoshoot.

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  • Kate Perry

    Oh wow, that sweater is beautiful enough to be a candidate for my first colorwork project. Usually the motifs in Fair Isle and intarsia sweaters aren’t my style, but the design and colors of the Fuglejakke kit are wonderful.

    Reply to Kate Perry
  • andi

    awww, shucks – t’weren’t nuthin’.

    You know I have an absolute blast every time I’m at StitchCleveland – just wish I could be there more! Glad to hear the photoshoot went well – can’t wait to see the piccy’s.

    See you in the week –


    Reply to andi
  • Joanne

    I was thinking good thoughts in your direction–glad to hear everything went well! Email me back with details when you get the chance…

    Reply to Joanne
  • Penny

    Oh My!!!!!

    Oh WOW !!!!
    What A Beauty!!!!
    What Else Can I Say ???

    Reply to Penny

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