April 3, 2007

Crochet Me: the book!

You know, I could NOT be more excited about a book unless it was my own!

Kim has posted that the Interweave fall book previews are up and hers is one of them. You see its beautiful cover at left. I know at least half the designers inside in person, most of them quite well, and I can proudly say that I saw the beginning swatches and sketches for it back when it was a “wee seedling,” as Kim has said.

(We were crammed into a hotel room at TNNA, all 5+ of us — I can’t even quite remember how many but I know we swore to never do that again — and this was one of the exciting things keeping our energy levels up!)

It’s a testament to the quality of the Interweave book lineup (or perhaps just a not-very-shocking admission that I Have A Book Problem) that merely looking at the previews page makes me want to order about half of them. Now.

My name is Shannon, and I have a book problem.

Some fiber people have SaBLE (stash beyond life expectancy); I have BubBLE (books beyond life expectancy).

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  • Andrea (noricum)

    Isn’t it “SABLE” for “stash aquisition beyond life expectancy”, which would make what you have “BABBLE” for “book aquisition beyond bountiful life expectancy”. (I had to get an excuse for the extra B too…)

    Reply to Andrea (noricum)
  • Felicia

    Wow, that book looks fantastic. I’m so glad that there has been a trend towards more hip crochet patterns.

    Reply to Felicia
  • Rebecca

    Hi, my name is Rebecca and I (too) am a bookaholic…and a yarnaholic…

    Reply to Rebecca
  • Michekke in Bama

    is there a self help group for this problem we all seem to have ?

    Reply to Michekke in Bama
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