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November 10, 2009

Crazy Lace review

Just before I stopped editing Yarn Forward full time, I got the chance to review Myra Wood’s new self-published book Crazy Lace: An Artistic Approach to Creative Lace Knitting for an upcoming issue. It’s being released on the 17th of this month, so you really need to get over to her website and order yourself a copy now!

This clever book is beautifully photographed, contains amazing patterns and design ideas, and is frankly one of the most amazing lace knitting books I’ve seen in years. No strict adherence to patterns here, Crazy Lace is all about almost freeform knitted lace that uses lace patterns as a springboard for your own creativity instead of making you color inside the lines.

Wood uses “Lace Logic™” (or a sound understanding of the fundamentals, and how lace knitting works) to bring her ideas to life. The colors alone are refreshing – no bland solids here – and the photography is beyond gorgeous, as you’ll see below from the samples. HIGHLY recommended.

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  • Dianne Carroll

    OMG, this is gorgeous, please give more info, yarn, pattern, stitches, etc.

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  • Heather

    Unfortunately, this book is out of print and is very difficult to find. They have several on Amazon, but they’re asking in the range of $150 to $300+ (far exceeding the MSRP of $24.95).

    Reply to Heather

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