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May 19, 2010

Craft Culture podcaster's fiber artist tour

Daniella Cortez of the podcastCraft Culture is doing a three-week, nine-city tour this summer to promote, interview and document knitting and spinning’s cultural and ethnographic significance.
Dani’s hitting the road 1 July, and she’ll be traveling through nine cities in the eastern USA (including mine!) to interview and document the cultural significance handcrafts have played in modern society. She believes academia hasn’t examined handcrafts’ impact on the culture at large. During Dani’s travel, she plans to talk to knitters on a personal level and interact with local groups to find out what’s unique to a specific region, as well as all the ways in which they are the same. Basically, she’ll be examining the common threads that hold us together as a community, even when separated by distance or demographics. Dani will be keeping a detailed log of her travels in blogs, podcasts and videocasts from the road.
The project is seeking funding from both corporate sponsors and individual donors to pay for travel-related costs, and Dani needs host families for each of the cities.
Dani will be coming to Cleveland, and I’ll be hosting her, but she still needs financial support for the tour. Please click here and donate. For a $50 donation, you get a text link to your site or shop; $100, a graphic ad of your design placed on this site; and for $250, your shop, site, or blog can sponsor an episode of Craft Culture! There will also be a drawing, and lots of great prizes.
For more about the tour, see here.

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