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May 17, 2012

Compliments Collection winner…

Congrats to MaryKate, who won a copy of the booklet!
Busy busy over here. I’m doing an experiment today to make myself uncomfortable. I’m wearing hot pink.
If you know me or have met me in real life, you know I am a black and grey kinda grrl…with the occasional blue in the form of denim. But there are a lot of other colors in my wardrobe — things I bought then didn’t wear, things I only wear under black or grey, etc. This hot pink Ralph Lauren v-neck top is everything I am uncomfortable with in a piece of clothing. It’s tight. It’s got a v-neck (I hate v-necks). It’s SCORCHINGLY HOT PINK. I bought it a number of years ago when I volunteered for a local newspaper makeover segment and the newspaper’s style editor told me it looked good on me, and it’s lived in my closet ever since! So hell with it, I’m going to wear it, even if I had to force myself to NOT pack a black cardigan in my bag for later.
I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I’ve been doing a whole lot of new, uncomfortable things lately. Sometimes you have to, to get out of your established habits, to make your brain see things differently, to learn and grow and challenge.
And sometimes you just have to walk around looking like a giant stargazer lily.

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  • marykate

    Oh my goodness! I can’t wait to claim the prize. Just let me know what I need to do.

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  • mary lou

    I love Stargazers. They are easy to grow and care for but look exotic and fabulous and smell great. Not a bad role model.

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  • Anne

    I think the color is fab! So are stargazer lilies!! I have found myself wearing deep jewel tones and ….black. Even ten years ago, I would not have touched any of it with a ten foot pole. Brown and blue. Period. Wear it with pride.

    Reply to Anne

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