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May 4, 2012

Compliments Collection blog tour

Bijou Basin Ranch has long been one of my favorite small yarn companies, and I really enjoy working with them in a variety of ways, both as a designer and as a publisher. BBR has just released its first collection of patterns in booklet form, featuring 13 new designs by author/teacher/TV personality/friend Kristin Omdahl. Today we’re a stop on the blog tour for her Complements Collection. Featuring 7 knit and 6 crochet projects that use 3 balls of yarn or less, the booklet is not only excellent value for money whether you’re a knitter or crocheter, but it’s also easy on your yarn budget! (Although, take one look at this page and tell me you’re on a yarn diet…it’s just not possible). The Complements Collection is available in both paperback and digital book form: you can find it here, here or here.

The Amaryllis Knit Hourglass shawlette is probably my favorite pattern in the bunch — it’s just the sort of thing you’d want to wear during a transitional season like, oh…right now (at least in Cleveland! We can’t seem to decide if we want to be 40 or 80 degrees on any given day). Knit in Lhasa Wilderness, which is 75% yak and 25% bamboo, it’s got drape like you wouldn’t believe.
I was fortunate enough to see the pieces from this collection and the booklet itself during Stitches South — if you’re looking for some great springtime accessories, and especially if you both knit and crochet, patterns from The Compliments Collection will garner you quite a few!
GIVEAWAY: We’re giving away a copy of the booklet to one lucky reader! Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite color of Lhasa Wilderness is and why. I’ll pick one comment, so give it your best/funniest shot!
If you don’t win here, visit one of the other blogs on the tour for another chance to win!

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  • brenda

    I love the Blueberry color – so pretty, and easy to wear.
    such a pretty shade of blue, like my granddaughter’s eyes.
    (goodstuff on Rav)

    Reply to brenda
  • Jennifer

    “Yes please!” to all of the colors is what I would have to choose. And who wouldn’t want to brag that they are wearing yak and bamboo? Awesome. Johnston4kids on rav. Thanks!

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Jennifer

    My first thought after I clicked? “ONE COLOR?” They are all beautiful. I’d love to do a colorwork project with 5 of them. For that reason, I say Tannhauser (#21) seems to combine many that I love.

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Brenda

    All these colors are fabulous. However, my favorite color is there and has a yummy name! I love the Blueberry. It looks luscious!

    Reply to Brenda
  • Dana

    I love the Salmonberry, because I’ve been really into orange recently but I dont own anything orange and I don’t know why!

    Reply to Dana
  • enidb

    It’s hard to choose just one color. But I really love Tristan. I don’t know why, but putty colors just do it for me.

    Reply to enidb
  • Kate M

    Thanks for the chance to win. If I have to pick one color I think it would be Amethyst. It is a beautiful shade of purple and makes me think of spring!!!

    Reply to Kate M
  • Carmen

    I like Tannhauser #21. Reminds me of all the great things about fall – there’s still some green around but grass is starting to brown; the leaves are turning yellow and of course, there’s orange pumpkins.

    Reply to Carmen
  • Debbie H

    My fav color is Goldenrod. thanks! gussek on Ravelry

    Reply to Debbie H
  • Savannagal

    Cadet is my favorite color, though they are all lovely. Cadet reminds me of my favorite, worn-in blue jeans. I do love Sage too though.

    Reply to Savannagal
  • Jennifer

    I love that teal #10! Such a vivid blue!

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Suzanne Shattuck

    Definately Regal! Beautiful and rich!

    Reply to Suzanne Shattuck
  • Tomi

    Blueberry – it’s so versatile I can wear it with my denim jeans or dressier outfits as well, but is there really a color I wouldn’t enjoy and wear? I don’t think so!

    Reply to Tomi
  • Michelle

    parsifal! just say it out loud 10 times fast… careful don’t spit on the fiber!

    Reply to Michelle
  • Susan Cottrell

    Parsifal has all the warmth of a medieval tapestry and the thundering impact of a Wagnerian Opera. Gives me shivers of delight!!

    Reply to Susan Cottrell
  • sillylittlelady

    Like other commenters have stated, its hard to pick just one color! I love the earthy colors of Tristan, it reminds me of the colors of the yak’s main – a yak-fro if you will 🙂

    Reply to sillylittlelady
  • anne j-z

    I would love to make a shawl in the blush#4-what a beautiful pink!

    Reply to anne j-z
  • nannyjean

    I love the purple Amithyst # 14.I can see me making a shawl with that color. The other colors are very pretty too.

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  • Hannah

    Tannhauser is what I imagine the inside of my brain looks like. Lots going on at once!

    Reply to Hannah
  • MaryKate

    Of the lot (so many lush colors), I’d have to say goldenrod is the winner for me. I’m highly allergic to ragweed and the sight of goldenrod bobbing in a country ditch or vacant field is a sign of doom in real life. Perhaps that’s why I so enjoy its cheery yellow when I know it won’t hinder my ability to breathe. Maybe it’s a nice contrast to the industrial colors of Cleveland I normally see on my way to work (beautiful in its own way, true). Or maybe I just like living dangerously. You be the judge.

    Reply to MaryKate
  • Beka Frank

    I’m a fan of Nat Cream #02. Some dyes irritate my sensitive skin, so un-dyed yarn is sure to be comfy. Also, with the Nat Cream I can dye it myself with a dye I know to be safe for my skin.

    Reply to Beka Frank
  • Marla

    Beautiful design and yarn – my fav color would by Amethyst – would love to win.

    Reply to Marla
  • Barb

    Amethyst. Reminds me of lilacs. And I miss lilacs. They aren’t popular where I am in Kansas and working in LA they either don’t exist or I’m to busy working to see them!

    Reply to Barb
  • NiseyKnits

    That shawlette is so pretty!! Please pick me! 🙂 I love Kristin’s designs!

    Reply to NiseyKnits
  • Barbara S.

    I like the Salmonberry color, though I will admit the name gave a bit of a pause.

    Reply to Barbara S.
  • Heather

    I love the Hunter color. Reminds me of my son’s eyes. Would make a gorgeous sweater for him!

    Reply to Heather
  • MarieAnge Brouillard

    #22 Lohengrin! That gentle blend of colours is perfect! Perfect to make the Apple Blossoms shawl! or Camelia!! 🙂

    Reply to MarieAnge Brouillard
  • Michelle

    Regal: The color of violets, lilac, lavender, oh and the crown jewels I have stored in my vault!

    Reply to Michelle
  • Monica

    Is not easy to pick just one color…but I would say my absolute favorite is Salmonberry. The name is plain funny and the color lifts my mood. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Reply to Monica
  • Leslie M.

    Oh my gosh, too many to choose! I think that Hunter and Siegfried are absolutely beautiful (Siegfried looks like it was made to be accompanied by white tigers!), although I really like the natural brown as well! (This is why I am horrible at shopping for yarn… cannot make up my mind to save my life!)

    Reply to Leslie M.
  • Shannon

    Lohengrin #22 is so gorgeous, it reminds me of Popsicles in summer for some reason…those rocket Popsicles lol ! And then a little fudgesicle…oh gosh yarn as a replacement for delicious food…low cal and satisfying 😉

    Reply to Shannon
  • erin

    I like Parsifal. The combination of colors makes me happy and repeating pasifal, parsifal, parsifal makes me feels like a good witch casting a good spell. Imaginbe what magical happiness I could knit into every stitch?

    Reply to erin

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