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May 5, 2010

Color survey results

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Webcomic xkcd ran a color survey with some very fascinating results — scroll down to the miscellaneous section, it’s hilarious. The last color on the miscellaneous chart is actually my favorite color of green, so it was really funny to see that someone filled in the “what color is this?” blank on the survey with:

really? this color again? i have nothing against colors personally, but this one just stands out from the rest as unusually unattractive. i almost feel sad for it, but it made the decision to be that color so it has to find a way to deal with it.

Furthermore, apparently no one knows how to spell ‘fuchsia’ correctly.

Also: new call for submissions!

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  • Judi P

    Hey, Shannon, congrats on the great piece in the current Interweave Knits! I do have a burning question about these cotton blends. Do they stretch out as badly as 100% cotton typically does?

    Reply to Judi P
  • Post authorShannon

    When I played with the swatches I’d knit, Judi (not the ones pictured in the article, the lovely Interweave-rs knit those), they seemed to have some pretty good bounceback. And they’re a bit lighter than an all-cotton, so not as much drag. (If you’ve ever knit a large-sized bamboo blend, you’ll know what I’m talking about — they’re HEAVY!).

    Reply to Shannon

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