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February 16, 2009

Buy indie, support indie+

Because I believe in supporting people, publications and services who enable and support independent designers and publishing models, 20% of all pattern purchases made on knitgrrl.com (1) 16-28 February will be donated directly to Ravelry. You can either purchase patterns individually in the shop, or, you can buy all currently-available patterns (Dissolve, Fetlock, Reboux, Katalin, Rivulet and Exploded View) in one file at this discounted price of $25 (it’s regularly $28.50 for all of these).

If you’re taking me up on this offer, chances are you’re sympathetic to the aims of independent designers in general. Would you take a look at the PDF available here and consider showing it to your local yarn store’s owner(s)? Thank you!

knitgrrl.com pattern pack, $25 ($5 of which will go to Ravelry.com at the end of the month as a donation)(2)

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1) Applicable only if you buy them from knitgrrl.com or from my Ravelry store; I sell patterns in a lot of different places and the tracking would get unwieldy otherwise.

2) I’ll report back with the donation amount then.

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