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March 31, 2013

Bunnies + Seattle, Portland, Atlanta

Happy Easter, everyone! (And hurray for Passover, because I got candy for that, too — let’s hear it for having friends of all holiday candy persuasions!)
It’s been a while. Oh hi. Since last I posted Google Reader shut down…hopefully you’ve found a replacement if you were following the blog via feedreader.
Usual excuses apply: I’ve been traveling like crazy (back to back Vogue Knitting Live in NYC, the O’Reilly Tools of Change publishing conference and Stitches West). This isn’t changing any time soon. This week I head out to Seattle for another Vogue Knitting Live, then to Portland for a trunk show at Pearl Fiber Arts, and immediately down to Atlanta for Stitches South.
At VKL Cooperative Press has its own booth, at Stitches South we are sharing with our dear friends from Cephalopod Yarns. Cephalopod + me = hijinks. If you saw that photo of Batman in our booth at VKL NYC? Yup. Our doing. I doubt there are superheroes for hire outside the hotel in Atlanta though hope springs eternal.
In Purely Crazy News: remember Maize? The sweater I oh so optimistically prereleased for ordering before the tech editing was done? And then I BROKE about five tech editors on it? Whew. I am SO GLAD to report that it is done for real now, and we’re doing all new photos for it because the tech editor who finally bent it to her will (Andi! Yay!) knit a new sample as she worked it out.
So I’ve dispatched it off for photos and that’ll be out soon.
Meanwhile in my personal bat-cave, I have a resolution for 2013. I’ve been intending to a. revive my own pattern line, which has taken a real backseat to Cooperative Press work and b. publish more of my own work at CP.
On b, not necessarily pattern books. I really want to finish up the book version of the Get Published class I teach online. As part of that, I will be teaching another edition of the class online this spring. See knitgrrl.ning.com, we’ve got a thread going where you can indicate interest.
I wonder, though, if there would be any interest in doing a live bootcamp version of the class here in Cleveland (or elsewhere). Maybe around TNNA? Give a shout in the comments with your thoughts on that. If you’re a designer planning on attending TNNA already…
Other stuff: I have another big project underway that’s software-related. It’s taking up a lot of my spare thought cycles but it’s going to be very, very worth it. An amazing team of collaborators is falling into place behind the scenes, which is so exciting. Tiring. Exhausting. But exciting!
Hopefully, then, you can forgive my extended blog-absence. It’s a miracle if I’m home and making dinner before 8:00 on more nights than I would care to count, and sometimes I just want to run away and join the circus…but I persevere.

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  • Janet Daniels

    I’d be interested in a Cleveland class such as you mentioned.

    Reply to Janet Daniels
  • Amy M

    I’m not going to TNNA, but I live only a couple of hours from Cleveland and might be able to come for a Get Published boot camp. Especially if it was just one day.

    Reply to Amy M

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