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November 13, 2003

Boston Globe knitting article

The Globe ran a story on some of the local stitch-n-bitches. Check it out now, because their links tend to go dead sooner rather than later. It has some lovely photos, too.

What fascinated me in the article was learning that the School of the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston offers a “Knitting for Artists” class. Wait a second… I knew I’d heard of it before. (Quick Google search to refresh memory… I swear, I’d forget half I know without Google!) Turns out fellow Knitty contributor Jessica Fenlon Thomas developed that class for the School in the first place!

Ah, Knitty. The talent vortex. Check out Jessica’s profile:

While at the SMFA, she developed and taught Knitting for Artists to assist artists in developing their conceptual and knitterly artmaking skills. Her thesis show included the knit sculpture, Hairshirt, also featured in the Summer 2002 issue of Interweave Knits article “Knitting in Contemporary Art”. She had the good luck to work with Lily M. Chin as the Boston contributor (halter top) to Lily’s book, The Urban Knitter.

Her articles are so helpful, too. There’s the blocking one, linked above, and this one about custom-fitting knitwear to your own body shape. I’ll have to re-read it as I further develop this pattern I’m working on (which will likely end up in Knitty). It’s named after a Siouxsie and the Banshees song, and it’s ready to go in my head, but I still need to knit up the prototype. Easier said than done, given my time constraints. As it is, I won’t let myself touch the new fleece until the current sweater is done, and I really want to repaint my wheel.

Half a sleeve done on the Eco sweater, 1.5 sleeves and the collar to go. Back to work! (play?)

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