June 28, 2007

Björk in freeform crochet

Thanks for all your lovely comments yesterday on the site’s birthday. This morning I had a cupcake to celebrate, because I just so happened to be going past Truffles, aka the coffeeshop with really good cupcakes. Ahem.

Check out this amazing photo of Björk in freeform crochet which I found on Ana Voog’s crochet blog string theory.

(I wish I could rock the raccoon eye makeup successfully, but can’t. I look like Robert Smith on a bender when I do!)

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  • Leslie

    Wow, that String Theory link is one Mad Hatter’s Ride of creativity. Makes me feel like I’m stuck on some outer banks of plain after seeing that. Most impressive. I would have never known.

    Reply to Leslie
  • Kimberli

    Great photo! Love that site. These days I’m moer busy than less and am WAY behind on my blog reading!!

    Reply to Kimberli
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  • Heidi

    Wow! I love it! She’s so fun!

    Reply to Heidi
  • ceeeee

    two of my favorites:
    björk and crochet

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