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August 3, 2005

Big Girl Knits is on Amazon!

Amy & Jillian at the CIBC Run, October 2004. Have you donated yet for 2005?

My two favorite people, Amy and Jillian (aka my Fairy Knitmother) just wrote an awesome book called Big Girl Knits. No cover image on Amazon yet, so you’ll have to check out their sites for a photo, but can I just tell you right now that I think I might be even more excited about this book than my own?

You see, I am blessed (or cursed, depending on my mood at the time!) with massive shoulders, left over from playing varsity-level tennis in high school, not to mention a rear end that puts J.Lo to shame and less-than-washboard abs. These factors can make it difficult to find clothes that fit. Sweaters and shirts big enough to accommodate my shoulders inevitably flap around the rest of my torso (which is shorter than average, and high-waisted…my waist is quite literally under my last rib)! When it comes to jeans, I resort to plain mens’ Levi’s, worn on my hips, because women’s make me look like Ed Grimley, or a victim of Mom Jeans.

In short, I’ve got what the fashion magazines would call serious “figure flaws.”

But Amy & Jillian’s book is the solution to that ridiculous label. Big Girl Knits will show you how to knit things that are flattering, and emphasize what you want to emphasize. No more boxy, 1980s-ish knits! No more hiding behind your clothes! If you’re not a size 2 (or even if you are, and want lots of clever tips on things such as shaping knit fabric to your liking), you need this book. Trust me.

Congrats, you two!

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