October 25, 2006

Berliner nostepinne & Japanese knitting books

I love trackbacks — you can see what people are saying about things you’ve written or see who’s linking to you. Check this out: Lolly (not this Lolly) made a nostepinne as recommended in Spin to Knit… from a table leg. Too cool.
Emma Jane and I are partnering up to write an article for CrochetMe that relates to spinning. (Evil laugh:) Bwah ha ha ha! Now that I’ve started to convert all the non-spinning knitters, it’s time to start in on the crocheters, too. Hey, it worked on Kim!
What I’m reading at the moment: リメイクニット—ニットを縮めてみたら, aka Remake Knit (available here on Amazon Japan or in NYC at Kinokuniya, where I picked up mine). I could’ve spent thousands of dollars in the knitting & crafts section alone. Do what I did, kids… don’t go into Kinokuniya without a shopping buddy/chaperone who will help you remember that spending the equivalent of your mortgage on Japanese knitting books is just crazy. Fun, but crazy.

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  • Lolly

    I saw that on her blog – this Lolly and that Lolly are friends 🙂 Very cool!
    and yes, those Japanese knitting/craft mags are so amazing. I wish I had a Kinokuniya near me. I went to the one in NYC and was blown away!

    Reply to Lolly
  • rose

    Ooohhh I think I have to check out my Japanese stores and see if they have craft books & magazines.

    Reply to rose
  • Post authorShannon

    Where? At Porter Square? I never noticed any there, alas…but the next time you make it down to NYC, go to Kinokuniya for sure!

    Reply to Shannon
  • Kimberly

    I love your book and I’m waiting for you to come and visit me. 🙂 Until then I’ll be waiting for more.

    Reply to Kimberly
  • Jess

    Yeah, why is it that Japanese knitting is so amazing? And they very kindly CHART EVERYTHING. I’ve been tempted to go on amazon.co.jp and just grab anything knitting-related. The big Japanese bookstore in Porter moved to Arlington, and is now a Century 21 with real estate I can’t afford. 🙁

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