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December 7, 2005

Around the world with Knitgrrl…

Ok, ok, I promise to get back to more substantive commentary about knitting soon, but this is all new to me, and therefore exciting! Did you know Knitgrrl is also for sale on the British, Canadian and German Amazon sites? And that they sometimes feature different reviews? The British page is actually using the correct book cover, unlike everyone else. Here’s an editorial review from Amazon.co.uk:

Knitting is the reigning queen of crafts, enjoying a surge of popularity with all ages and demographic groups. Most knitting books, however, are aimed at either adults or kids under 10, leaving the booming tween/teen market untapped. “KnitGrrl” is a funky, upbeat introduction to knitting for girls ages 12 and up.

The book starts with a basic introduction to materials, tools, and basic stitches, then offers 15 easy projects designed specifically for teens, all using yarn that’s inexpensive and widely available. Patterns are organized into chapters that incrementally build skills, from mastering basic stitches to adding and subtracting stitches, working with fancy yarn, felting, and adding embellishments like pop-poms and embroidery.

Projects are illustrated with clear photos. Spot art by illustrator Kathleen Jacques adds a fun touch throughout. The book will emphasize the empowering possibilities of knitting, such as ways to organize your own knitting group and how knitting can be used to bond with relatives and friends. Patterns in the book include: on-the-go iPod bag; friendship scarf; rockin’ wristbands; faux fur stole; cat toys; iPod case and headphone covers; hipster headband;

Und für die deutschsprachende among us:

Hmmm. What would be a good translation of the book title? Strickmädchen? Strickmädel? I don’t think the Riot Grrl rrrr-ness is really there in the word “mädel,” alas.

I’ll be signing books at Bazaar Bizarre in Boston this weekend; look for table #34 (anezka handmade). We’ll have the Erica Weiner textural scarf kits, as seen in the book’s Stripey Scarf, and lots of other yarn goodness, too!

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