October 20, 2010

Another new concept in knitting clubs

In recent months, a lot of new club-type things for knitters have come on the scene (Chrissy Gardiner’s super cool Indie Socks CSK, and Lee Meredith’s Quick Knits club, for example). They’re wonderful ways to support your fave designers + form community with your fellow knitters. All of this is great, in my opinion.
Designer Samantha Roshak is now offering a really cool sweater pattern club. You can read more about it here and here, and sign up for it here.
Since I asked, Samantha herself told me she thinks the coolest things about the club are — direct quotes

1. The sweaters will be the same construction and gauge so you’ll be able to mix and match elements to make new versions. Your very own sweater without requiring a math degree. Good stuff.
2. Videos! Each patterns comes with links to videos of me showing techniques and giving tips.
3. Knitting a sweater that actually fits. It’s top down so you try it on as you go, I’ve added a bunch of tips to help, and there’s the Rav group for support.
4. 10% coupon! If you use all four coupons, the club pretty much pays for itself.

The first club pattern, Flint is a basic, flexible piece with a little bit of flair, knit in a gorgeous Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn. Interesting to knit, totally wearable and with a lot of nice details (sewn hem, cuff detail, front borders look good inside and out). Samantha says: “that’s pretty much always my goal with a sweater and absolutely my goal for the remaining patterns. If you’re going to put in that much time and money, I think you should enjoy the process and be proud as heck to wear the finish product.”
If you’re thinking that it’s a big gamble to sign up to do something for a year without knowing how it will all turn out, I have to say that I think Sam’s a fantastic designer, and I am quite positive that like Anna Dalvi’s lace shawl KALs, you’ll not only enjoy being in the club, but also know that you’re supporting independent knitwear designers…ok, ok, that’s a total pet cause of mine, I know, but it’s the pet cause of many other people, too.
And speaking of that — there is an eBay auction underway to raise funds to pay the teachers who were not paid in full by UK Knit Camp in August. Many (oh hell, let’s be honest, MOST) knitting teachers live paycheck to paycheck, and are expected to front a lot of the expenses for their teaching engagements. Not getting paid, or not getting paid in full, creates a serious problem. Every time I hear about a yarn store who’s refused to pay a teacher, or shortchanges them, I cringe and then I think “I could be next.” As much as you try to vet the stores or events who ask you to come, there’s only so much you can do. I want to give a shoutout to the wonderful people on Ravelry who are coordinating the fundraising effort to lessen the blow for those teachers affected. I love this community of ours so much. 99% of the time, people do what’s right…it’s the other 1% you have to keep an eye on…

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  • Sam

    Thanks so much for all your kind words and for taking the time to talk about the club. You’re the best!

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