April 17, 2008

A revealing Twitter conversation:

Even though I have a Twitter account, I almost never use it. The other night, though, while prepping materials for a television appearance, I felt compelled to update. This is what happened over the space of an hour or so:

knitgrrl: getting ready to tape a TV show tomorrow.
missviolet @knitgrrl Oooh, what show?
knitgrrl @missviolet: The Girls Next Door. I’m Hef’s latest conquest. (Duh, a knitting show!)
missviolet @knitgrrl OMG, for five whole seconds, I thought you were serious. And my first thought was OMG SHANNONBOOBS! GET CABLE!

Violet my love, you have an unhealthy obsession with my rack, as proven in the past by offering a bounty for info about my… ahem intimate life. I learned about that from Kim, and offered to feed her info only if the prizes were really, really good…

(Besides, with the kind of deadlines I’m usually on, believe me, the info would not be that scintillating. For example, last night I fell asleep on the phone during a three-way…conversation with my boyfriend and his best friend).

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  • daniella

    ….off to find and follow you on Twitter.

    Good luck on t.v. 🙂

    Reply to daniella
  • Datagoddess

    Miss Violet seems to have an obsession with boobs. I think she needs to be the first one to show off, as it were….

    Reply to Datagoddess

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