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April 1, 2021

60% off at Makerist! (wait, who?)

Looking for something new to knit? Makerist (click the image above to visit) is having a one-day 60% off sale. I’m into the Minimissimi sweater coat by Minimi Knit Design (her Ebony Tunic is also pretty fabulous), as well as Holli Yeoh’s Philodendron cardigan.

I just applied to sell my patterns at Makerist so we’ll see how that goes as another possible pattern sales outlet. They’re based in Europe and it doesn’t look like they have a lot of US designers yet so this could be interesting. I like that they also have a lot of sewing and embroidery pattern people, too. Could be good for reaching a whole new audience of more casual knitters who might not have found me otherwise. What do you think?

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