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November 16, 2006


I want a bison cozy (photo by Amy Singer)! Read all about Amy and Jillian‘s trip out west to visit the make one yarn studio fiber goddesses here. Speaking of bison, look what came in the mail…

Ron from Buffalo Gold very kindly sent me a package of bison fiber, yarn and some of his very first handspun (made after picking up Spin to Knit at a recent show). You might recall that on election day last year I drove out to a local bison farm and met the beasties / got some fiber. But it wasn’t NEARLY as nice as Ron’s, not even after hand-picking it on my deck and getting some funny looks from the neighbors.

I cannot wait to knit and spin this up — it’s softer than a cloud! Ok, that’s a cliched phrase, but do you know anything that’s nearly as soft to compare? They’ll be at TNNA in San Diego this January (the big twice-yearly show that all the yarn store owners and designers go to, it’s our opportunity for pure, unadulterated fiber geekery — and I mean that in the very best way!), so if your LYS doesn’t stock Buffalo Gold yarn and fiber now, run to the phone right now and tell them to check it out.

p.s. Anezka (my dachshund) gave it the sniff test and I’m pleased to report that bison fiber is still dachshund-approved.

p.p.s. When I was really little, I had a giant stuffed buffalo doll that was bigger than me. It must’ve been 4 feet long and 3 feet high. I think I need to find some photos of it and post them, that’d be funny. Too bad I don’t still have it, it’d be the perfect model for whatever I knit from this!

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