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December 14, 2006

Off to Boston, where adventure awaits

I’m driving to Boston today (Bazaar Bizarre is this weekend — now’s your chance to get signed copies of Spin to Knit and my other books for holiday gifts, cough cough. This now concludes the blatantly commercial section of this post). Actually, scratch that — tonight I’ll be in Maine at my favorite aunt’s house, with woodstove blazing and kitties and knitting to be done. And Monday, it’s fabric shopping in NYC for a new book of mine.

Do you ever get to the actual day of going somewhere and just think “gosh, I wish I could sleep in?” It’s one of those kind of days. I’m running on sleep-deprived adrenaline-y goodness this week! Good thing I’ve got tasty organic coffee. Aww, what the heck — here’s another über-commercial plug: The coffee is roasted by my childhood next door neighbor. It’s amazing. All organic, mostly Fair Trade, and beyond yummy. If you have a coffee lover in your circle of friends and family and don’t know what to buy them for the holidays, pick some up!

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  • Stacey

    Have fun in the North East! Mmmm sitting in front of a fire and knitting…sounds yummy. May I mail myself there?

    I was cleaning out my inbox and realized I flaked and never wrote back (must have been the vicodin haze). I’m finally going to respond after physical therapy.

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  • amy o'

    Oh, thanks for the reminder about Bazaar Bizzare! Hopefully I’ll see you there with my recently purchased book!

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  • Donna

    I got here from the Knit to Spin webpage where there was a place to vote for your favorite fibers to spin with. There was a horrible oversight! there was no place to vote for angora. Egads! My very favorite fiber and practically 100% of all I do, and there was no place for it!

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  • Joanne

    Hey, I hear you about sleeping in! I crashed yesterday afternoon after my ridiculous week of newsletter madness. Two hours in the afternoon, and another 8 after the evening dinner party I hosted. Whew. Sometimes a nap is all you need. Wish I were doing such exciting stuff this weekend though. Have a great time with your aunty and shopping for fabric!

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  • Ariel

    It was great to see you there today! Hope you had fun after we left, the line was really long. 🙂

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  • maryse

    it was fun meeting you on saturday! i wish i’d brought my copy of your book so you could have signed it. oh well. i’m a novice spinner but i have found it to be a great resource.

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