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December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

May all your knitted and crocheted gifts come with an appropriate place to store them. Like on this guy, for example.

This photo is from the Nanuq of Alaska website, which I first spotted from a link on Julie’s blog. About Nanuq of Alaska:

“Nanuq” means “Polar Bear” in the language of the Inupiaq, a native tribe from the north western region of Alaska. The Polar Bear is a symbol for strength and Alaskan majesty.

Nanuq of Alaska was founded by Alaska-born Tanner Randall in 2005. Tanner first learned how to knit and crochet when he was modeling in Germany (2004-2005). After having knit and crocheted various hats, sweaters, and scarves for friends and family, he decided to start selling his products and raise money to fund his education in Fashion Design.

Not just a pretty face, then!

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