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July 9, 2007

Friday with Franklin — The Knitgrrl Show #2

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Tune in this Friday at 2:00 PM Eastern for the second edition of The Knitgrrl Show, with knit-cartoonist and knitter extraordinaire Franklin Habit. This time I’ll try not to geek out about Buffy, I swear.

(I will, however, be wearing this shirt and carrying this bag to honor the occasion).

You just have to love a man who can imagine several yarn balls and a cranky sheep named Dolores dreaming up a theme for a Pride float:

“Yarn Through the Ages!” shouted a ball of bamboo. “Then we can all dress up in drag as famous knitters!”

“Yeah! I call dibs on Meg Swansen,” said Harry.

“Hey! I want to be Meg!” said the bamboo.

“You lack the requisite poise,” sniffed Harry.

“Your mother sleeps with Lion Brand,” said the bamboo.

“Boys!” Dolores snapped, tapping the white board, “I said a fun theme. Something wild, something naughty, something that’ll make the guys go crazy with desire when they see you coming.”

“Have you ever spent a weekend with Meg?” said Harry.

Finally. Payback for Dolores hitting on yours truly — mwah ha ha ha! Umm. Just kidding, Franklin. Remember, you can call in or IM me a question during the live show. Don’t be shy! Here’s the details, and here’s the upcoming show schedule.

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  • Cindy

    Ok Shannon,
    I love your book and and your podcast but have a little problem with the phrase
    “granny knitting”. You said you are either a knit “Hipster” or a “granny”.
    I’m a grandmother, I’m hip and I knit. We’ve started a Ralvery group whose sole purpose is to get the term “granny knitting” out of the knitters vocabulary. We find if offensive and ageism. And let’s face it, we all knit and purl.
    Keep up the good work on the podcast and I look forward to another book from you in the future.
    Please help us “mature” knitters rid the “granny” thing. We’d also like you to join our Ralvery group “This is your grandma knitting!” You don’t have to be a granny to support our quest.

    Reply to Cindy
  • Post authorShannon

    Hi Cindy — did you hear what we were talking about prior to that, though? The NYT had a (somewhat) obnoxious article this week that set up the whole false dichotomy about knitters again — and almost all media coverage goes in one of two directions:

    1. LOOK! Knitting is hip! It is for hipsters!
    2. LOOK! Knitting is hip! It is “not your grandma’s knitting”!

    So I was referring to the media’s weird dichotomy and not actual fact. I’m much more in line with Lisa at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia — see here:


    It is offensive and stupid, but then again, so is calling knitting a hipster activity, because it implies that the younger crowd taking it up are only doing so because it’s the “cool kid” thing to do. Bah.

    See here for more (and a link to the NYT article)


    Reply to Shannon

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