June 29, 2010

Designer 101 + other July classes

Back to school time already?! All classes are held at knitgrrl.ning.com for one month or more, and you work at your own pace / on your own schedule.
(My very popular, previously sold out) Designer 101 class. Part bootcamp, part support group…and all useful, entertaining and fun. It’s a great companion to The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design. What will you learn? Among other topics, we’ll discuss pattern formatting, effective use of social media, how to submit to magazines and publishers, effective photography, how to read (and negotiate) a contract, and much more. $65.
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Fashion illustration. Yes, it’s back. Join Arabella Proffer and I in learning how to illustrate/sketch specifically for proposals and other knitterly things. Complete with video how-tos, information on materials and editorial input from me (what do editors actually look for in a pattern proposal sketch?), you can’t miss this one! $65.
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Get published! Whether you want to submit to book publishers or DIY, I’ll walk you through the process of creating a proposal, finding the right places to submit, and reading over sample publishing contracts so you’ll be prepared and know what’s what. I’ll work with you to get your proposal in tip-top shape! $65.
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Marketing & Branding class. People get squicked out by the word “marketing,” and for good reason. A lot of the people out there who claim they’re going to teach you about marketing come at it from the absolute wrong perspective. Marketing does not have to be sleazy. Marketing is really:
1. putting your best foot forward
2. communicating effectively
3. meeting the needs of your target audience, information-sharing-wise.
As with all my other classes, there will be a lot of talk about the subject from the crafty perspective, though of course noncrafty people are welcome, too. $65.
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If you sign up for more than one class, you’ll get $10 off each one! This refund will be sent back to your PayPal account manually after purchase.
Looking for another class, or want something specific? Let me know! Designer 101, currently my most popular class, came about after a potential student contacted me and asked for the class she wanted to take! Topics I teach in person that I haven’t taught online yet include color theory, sewing for knitters (i.e. bag linings, zippers and other details), felting (all kinds) and much more, so don’t be shy — ask!

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  • Mylyne

    Regarding the Design 101 class, how will it help me design garments (sweaters, specifically) for infants and young children? Although I plan on getting a copy of your latest book, is it a requirement for the class?

    Reply to Mylyne
    • Post authorShannon

      Hi Mylyne! The book is helpful, but not required. We’re not teaching how to design in this class so much as systems you can put in place to improve the professionalism of your work (such as pattern templates, improving your website and photography skills, learning to read contracts, etc!).

      Reply to Shannon

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