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December 22, 2006

All I want for Christmas… is my wisdom teeth gone


While I was in Boston, my wisdom teeth decided it was time to attack. So I’m on antibiotics to reduce swelling, and have scheduled an appointment to have all four out. (After TNNA, of course — I’m not flying immediately after ripping my jaw apart). And oh, they’re going to have to rip, all right. When the technician uses words like “dig” and “jawbone” in the same sentence, you know you’re in trouble. I prefer to think of it as “dental frogging,” pretending each tooth will come out as easily as an errant stitch.

Speaking of errant stitches, entrelac is currently kicking my you-know-what. I blame Lucy — when I saw what she was knitting, I had to play, too. I suspect the problem is that it is Knitting That Requires A Little Concentration, and I have none to give right now. Also, I have some devious plans re: knitting it lengthwise instead of widthwise to decrease the number of annoying side triangles.

Everyone’s favorite Auntie has a new pattern up which amuses me greatly, having worked for a lawyer.

Over 100 holiday cards, shop orders and other postal fun went out my door today, with the help of a Dymo labelmaker and my (high school freshman) next-door neighbor. She’d slept in until about 1:30 this afternoon, at which point her mom sent her over. If only! I’d pay cash money to sleep in that late! In fact, it’s nearly 3:00 in the morning, I’m still working on deadline-intensive projects, and sleep is nowhere in my future. Is it any wonder the teeth want out?

Photos to come from Bazaar Bizarre Boston, which was lots of fun — thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello / have their books signed / model my recycled felt garments / etc.!

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  • Lolly

    Oh grrl, I am so there with you. I got a nasty toothache at the end of October, and made an emergency appointment. Their prognosis was the same – “dig” was used a lot. I get them out next Wednesday, the 27th. I am nervous because I am a big wuss… my real question is – can I knit on codine??

    Solidarity, S!


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  • Michelle

    oooh, ouch. Dental procedures are heinous. I lucked out–I only had one wisdom tooth ever. Take care of you, missy!

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  • emmajane

    And dad called today to say that he has a tooth absess. Fun times. Having had all four wisdom teeth yanked I offer you two pieces of advice for free: None of the local anesthetic bull-crap. Get them to knock you the hell out. They are going to do some crazy stuff that you do not want to be awake for. And #2 keep your wisdom teeth. You grew ’em, you keep ’em. That’s my motto. Mine are tucked away in a safe place. But every now and then I find them and they crack me up.

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