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June 16, 2004

Yarn from Down Under!

(and we’re not talking sheep bellies here). Behold the fabulous wool and silk blend by Gayle:

Thanks, Gayle! I love it! It will bring some sweetness and light to the darker colors, no doubt to good effect. And now, check out the TNNA Great Wall of Yarn. No, I’m not kidding, that’s what it’s called (see the inset for proof). That’s Amy from Knitty, mesmerized by the pinks… (I’m being kind, per her request, and not posting the REALLY pink photo of her with fabulous new pink Filofax and pink Knitty buttons…

I know I promised a roundup of TNNA goodness, but Amy’s is rather thorough. Some additions: met the lovely Stephanie, a designer with Lion Brand, and her friends from Vogue. Everyone at Interweave is just as cool as you’d think. (Has anyone noticed they seem to either own or be distributing ReadyMade these days? check out the addresses on their respective mastheads!) Joan the “Yarn Goddess” from Cascade truly is goddessy, and absolutely hilarious to boot. Susan from Crystal Palace Yarns is funny and sweet and enthusiastic (like all good yarnistas). I am IN LOVE with some of the new Brown Sheep colors and plan to use them in my books – in particular the Kiwi green. Ooooh, is it great. I’m a sucker for a good rich green. I met the producer of The Art of Knitting DVD, of which I have a review copy (review coming soon!) – in brief: any knitting DVD with Buddhist monks in it is fine by me. The soy silk ladies are insanely great, and I may help them redesign their website…all the better to show off that gorgeous fiber. (I gave Amy a tiny ball of it that I’d spun… take note, wool allergy people – bored with cotton? Soy silk and the new corn / bamboo fibers rock!)

Cameras were forbidden on the show floor or I’d have more for you…

I took presents along (hey, who doesn’t like presents?), so select people are now enjoying my latest batch of vegan lipbalms (ginger-peach and red currant seemed to go fast – funny, I thought chai would be first out the door).

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