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April 15, 2010

We have winners!

Remember the contest I posted when Tina sent me some sorry-you’re-decaffeinated presents? It’s time to make someone…three someones, in fact…a winner!

214 and 131 were the random numbers picked for the contest by random.org! So this means we actually have three winners, since two of you picked 212 (and that was the closest number to 214). 127 was the number closest to 131.

Jen & Tinebeest chose patterns, and Anna chose a copy of my upcoming book! Patterns are going out now, and book soon…I just saw the preview of the cover image today and it’s fantastic.

By the way, the decaf me is doing much better, but now there’s sinus and seasonal allergies to contend with. It never ends!

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  • tinebeest

    Ooh oooh oooh! How EXCITING! I never win anything 🙂 Thank you very much!

    Thank you very much, the pattern links are shining away in my inbox waiting for download. (And I would have chosen a different number from an earlier poster if I had realised it had already been taken!)

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